Biden closed pipeline because safer to transport by train. His reasoning is not aging well, just like everything else he says. 🤬😩🤬

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OK, so the train derailment is extremely suspicious, given that a movie was made about the exact same thing....in the exact same town.



We now have a series of toxic chemical spillages happening one after the other.

What no-one seems to be connecting is all the industrial "accidents" targeting food production facilities and energy infrastructure (plus fake PCR driven avian flu).

America is under attack, there is no question. Who is doing this and why? What's the point of having the FBI, because they are clearly doing sweet FA about any of this.

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You nailed it all. Every dot connects.

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Indeed. Propanoic acid is a mold inhibitor (food preservative for bread, etc.), and a starting material for fentanyl.

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