So how should I think about this when my wife (75 yrs old) is scheduled for heart surgery and she has had two COVID vaccinations?!!!

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Every Day is a blessing.

At age 54, based on my family history, I am overdue for a heart attack.

I was IgG type N antibody positive in June of 2020.

Asymptomatic case.

My Dr included the test along with my routine lipids and A1c blood work.

Labcorp test 164068 will detect N type Antibodies.

N type only results from exposure and recovery to a Covid-19 infection.

As of November 2022, still N+.

It doesn't fade like the faulty vaccines.

No recurrence despite multiple exposures.

You signed up for the quarterly vaccine booster plan and were not properly informed.

Hope your wife's surgery is a success.

If my wife precedes me, I have a wide latitude of options to pursue.

Legality of them will not be a consideration.

At your age, mine too, as a single old guy, capital punishment is not a deterrent.

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It is inconceivable that anyone will be held to account for these crimes against humanity if we rely only upon the government itself (including the 'justice system') to disclose pertinent data. The mafia state in DC does not do disclosure. I should think Americans would have learned this in 1963, but apparently they just keep expecting something like actual justice to happen.

The entire US government, and many state governments for that matter are at war with their own citizens. Until people are able to accept and understand this reality, the republic will remain interred in the grave dug for it when national security state goons shot JFK in the head.

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My cousin's 21 yr old son died last Friday night of a heart attack, was vaxxed, and the FDA is slow walking their withheld info for the public still? They all need to hang or be imprisoned for eternity...

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"Bottom line: The CDC isn’t looking at any of the safety signals, so they won’t find any," he said. "The FDA is equally clueless and it will take decades before they can tie the pulmonary embolism to the vaccine."

Line below that one: CDC, FDA, et al. guilty of crimes meriting life sentences without parole, they will not surrender and we need to drag them kicking and screaming into court.

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