If nobody is above the law, how about Pelosi turns herself in for insider trading and racketeering?

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Biden commits treason on a daily basis with his lack of border security and basically inviting illegals in with promised freebies and quick release. Biden and family have deep ties to CCP--financial crimes, treasonous actions, bribery, and other abuses, but Trump is again abused by the Dem political establishment funded by Soros. 🤬🤬🤬

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Why can’t they just leave him alone??!! Why isn’t Biden arrested or has been arrested!!! He has committed and omitted so much!

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They want the people to take to the streets so they can bring in Martial Law.

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Excuse me anti-fa & blm already did that and all charges were dropped and the leaders won mansions in the hollywood hills;

They're boiling the frog, and 99% of the commenters on substack are lazy couch potatoes calling for everybody to accept their fate of being a eunuch in lockdown forever.

This is the point the USA is already long beyond the 'frog boil' long beyond jumping out of the pot, the masses are already cooked;

Now GOV just disarms the right, so that the M-13 wetbacks can murder whites without fear on USA soil;

Whites have already been demonized so MS-13 gang-bangers will be lionized and given licenses to kill;

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We want audits of Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, and all of the swamp creatures new and old. And the current and greatest of all, Biden. No one is above the law.

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The left is only galvanizing support for Trump and against all the left and their shenanigans. Everyone is sick of them. The left is so scarred of Trump they will do anything to stop him.

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The left was told that all the BLM & anti-fa rioting would stop if BIDEN was elected, the ELITE lied;

The WOKE seriously fear Trump because at some point he can awake the 'sleeping giant' that is the real white-man with nothing left to lose, who has balls;

The civil-war 2.0 is coming either way, its on schedule the only question is does it begin before or after general firearm confiscation of the white-man on USA soil;

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It would be before because “real white-man” won’t just hand over their guns I predict.

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Well the MS-13 are well armed, by GOV; It's going to be a well armed civil-war 2.0 on both sides;

Funny that MTG is now saying "Don't Protest", something is going to give, and this is not about Trump going to Jail, Trump didn't give a shit when his J6 lemmings went to jail and free-men shouldn't give a shit if&when Trump goes to jail;

Just one comment, if you go to a protest, aka to kick some liberal and/or anti-fa/blm arse, remember not to bring your mobile tracking devices

White-Men don't have much time left, they have more vax & pandemics in the pipeline, and those +30 bio-labs in Ukraine have perfected targetting whites;

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Beware of wolves in sheeps clothing

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Protest by staying home from work.

Let the Nancy Goons and FBI show up and be stupid.

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From the woman who said she isn’t sure why there are not uprisings in the street, maybe there will be about some crap that they wanted and Trump stopped because it was bad for American citizens. How many riots have they endorsed now? How many have they refused to even admit happened? More people than not know exactly the difference between the summer of 2020 and J6 and the only way any protest would get violent is when the liberals send in their goons claiming to be Trump supporters but actually only support the almighty dollar

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J6 would have never happened if USA armed men had balls;

Look what happened in Gerogia recently the SOROS people won, they out-numbered GOV, and SOROS now rules Georgia;

So last time nobody stepped forward to 'break them out' like a Bastille-Day

For gods sake there are only 1 one pig per 1,000 citizens in USA;

The gist here is 'be wary', how about this instead of be-wary, how about if you don't get off your ass and burn down the entire WOKE demoRAT/RINO police state now, then when?

Once the lock-up aka "Silence Trump" then who will speak up then? Nada

Biden is quickly gutting the 2nd amendment, if its not FOUGHT FOR RIGHT now next year there will be no guns to fight with like Palestinians you will be throwing rocks at the IDF police state;

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Pelosi belongs in prison, not Congress.,

but then again so does all of Congress.

I say the next time they are in session,

just lock the doors and put guards outside

and we build a new Capitol Building.

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