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Is Biden Being Blackmailed to Send US Combat Troops to Ukraine?


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This war is a direct result of war hawk American policy, which installed an anti-Russian government in Ukraine; expanded a military alliance on Russia’s doorstep; gave billions of dollars’ worth of weapons to fight Russian-backed secessionists in Donbass, ending missile treaties and installing silos in Poland and Romania; and waged an economic war on the Russian population through sanctions. We now see the consequences of the US government’s actions.


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The Deep State knows of all Biden’s transgressions and crimes. Nevertheless, they’ve deemed Trump a greater threat! That is why they’ve engineered the story of Russian hacking. It may be negligent or criminal to treat classified documents with such lack of respect for proper security protocol, but as bad that may be, it pales in comparison with the constitutional crimes Deep State commits in service of global/imperial power structures, every day. It isn’t Russians who are meddling in the US elections! It is the US Deep State!

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"You got me. And? Whattayagonndoboutit?" Indeed. Now what?

The FBI failed the United States of America for politics. Time for massive reforms or pull the plug on it.

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& i keep getting thrown in Facebook “ jail “ for posting about jab injuries and the hunter laptop. One friend has an unusual cancer & he actually reads my posts , otherwise I wouldn’t even be there still.

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'and my son Hunter decided as a Christmas gift to have the engine rebuilt for me'

I'm guessing the work was paid for in yuan.

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The fear has been realized 15 years ago that the majority of our politicians are liars and unethical.

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No photo of her can be found, Report: Biden Family Confidant Kathy Chung Questioned by Law Enforcement About Classified Docs https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2023/01/13/report-biden-family-confidant-kathy-chung-questioned-by-law-enforcement-about-classified-docs/

Kathy Chung, former VP Biden’s executive assistant when he left office, has a very curious past with Hunter and now is being questioned - American Thinker


Extremely odd that there are no pictures of this person. It’s why I chose to post the article from American Thinker, instead of this one from Breitbart, which has more info:

BREAKING: Biden Lawyer Finds More Classified Documents at President’s Delaware Home [4th Unsecured Batch Found] https://thedcpatriot.com/breaking-biden-lawyer-finds-more-classified-documents-at-presidents-delaware-home-4th-unsecured-batch-found/

Biden Says Classified Docs Were Secure at His Home, But Look What Happened There While He Was VP LINKS

In 2014, the security system at then-Vice President Biden’s Delaware private residence malfunctioned to the point that the Secret Service opted to turn it off for several months. Agents were warned that the system would be shut down “indefinitely.”

No visitors log book.


Explosive New Report Links Hunter Biden to the Classified Documents Found in Joe Biden’s Garage


The Obama-Biden administration kept the US Congress, the American people and US allies in the Middle East in the dark about the multiple secret deals it made with the ruling mullahs of Iran.


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thank you for this excellent article.

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I must confess, that I see no hope of any of these criminals being brought to justice. It will take generations of distance before anyone of importance will admit that this was the most corrupt age America has ever seen. Someday, all of this work you are doing will be stumbled upon by a diligent researcher, and the truth will be out. By then, all of us will have been judged, and will be spending our eternity either in bliss or agony. The only hope I have is that all of these evil people will finally get what they deserve at the hand of a just God.

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according to Devin Nunes Hur was part of the Justice Department team that worked to stifle a House Republican probe of the agency’s investigation into the Trump campaign’s links to Russia - https://freebeacon.com/democrats/like-a-fixer-for-the-democrats-nunes-worries-biden-special-counsel-may-be-biased/

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After reading ‘Laptop from Hell’ I was convinced the Biden family reeked of corruption much more than I thought possible. Biden’s whole political career has been built on lies, corruption, deception, greed, and treasonous acts. He has no soul. I hate to think that, but his corruption and greed has no bounds. The House must push this investigation to the front of news cycles where the media cannot hide or pretend it’s not what it is--total decades of corruption and blatant treason.

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