I applaud the family for insisting on an autopsy and great work by the German scientists. People here who have lost a loved one that was vaccinated need to demand the same.

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Mar 2, 2023·edited Mar 2, 2023

No virus has ever been isolated and proven to replicate. No vaccine has ever been proven to work

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mRNA shots are working very well and as they were intended. True, they don't prevent anyone from the SARS-2 and they don't lessen the severity of the symptoms, BUT they are killing and sterilizing hundreds of thousands worldwide exactly as planned. It would be nice if medical doctors and scientists started writing articles stating the obvious, that the cov19 is not the danger to life and that the bioweapon research went into the creation of the shots. Something floating in the air (accidental or intentional release) cannot be controlled and the elitists would be just as vulnerable as the rest of us. Whereas the deadly shots are very controllable and easily avoided by those who are behind the global genocide we are witnessing.

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Event horizon approaches.

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Songs about the dangers of vaccines and the Covid tyranny.

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Just Too Good to be True. “Straight shooter” advice on vaccination for the brainwashed


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Not exactly breaking news, but an important study for people to download (save as, or print to pdf) and share.

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