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Exposing the 'Woke' Front Groups Threatening Freedom in America: Relentless Ep. 1

Also: The Department of Justice's election interference campaign, the Dems bring back Covid for the 2024 election, and much more!

In Episode 1 of the "Relentless Podcast with Kyle Becker," a number of the prominent ‘Woke’ front groups are exposed for threatening Americans' rights and freedoms.

Whether it's the ADL's shakedown tactics, the ACLU's selective defense of civil liberties, or the SPLC’s partisan activities as an anti-conservative 'hate group,' the host breaks down why the "issue is not the issue" and why there is a hidden agenda unifying these seemingly disparate radical groups.

Also, Relentless will break down the Biden DOJ’s election interference, how Fani Willis appears to be guilty of committing a serious crime during the Trump RICO case, and the Democrats bringing back Covid for the 2024 election.

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